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Modelbane Europa - Europas største computerstyrede modelbane
Modelbane Europa
Hadsten Centeret

Østergade 9 - 8370 Hadsten
Telefon 86 91 58 22



A great day out for families as well as railway enthusiasts


  • Now 2 large computer controlled layouts : German and danish
  • Extra : City-layout in Hadsten Centret during shopping hours
  • More than 80 trains running
  • Realistic formed trains from present and past
  • Great scenary with care for details
  • Active fun park
  • Start any train on danish layout by push-button
  • Childrens drive-by-yourself layouts
  • Exhibitions of model trains or toys
  • Railway magazines and books for reading
  • Café

Since we opened i 1996 we have always had in mind to create a high class model railway, which only a few have the capacity of handling themselves, to serve as an inspiration for enthusiasts as well as a pleasure for families.

 Model railways in Denmark back in the 1950-60 were strongly influated by the 2 biggest german manufacturers, Märklin and Fleischmann, dominated by german rolling stock. According to this, scenary too were often inspired from alpine countryside with mountains, bridges and tunnels, just like you can enjoy it at our 150 sqm. central european layout.

In those days models of danish rolling stock were rare, but in recent years a large number of danish lokomotives and waggons have turned up, giving us the possibility also to show realistic danish traffic.

Our computer controlled danish layout ”Længdebanen” has recently been supplied with a ”marshalling yard” of  more than 25 tracks, from where trains can be started by push-button to run along a 15 m danish countryside.

Depth of the layout is 60-120 cm, allowing the best view to landscape details and sounds from many af the locomotives.

In our café you can enjoy coffee, tea, sparkling waters etc. along with our speciality :”Svellekage” (Sleeper cake) or an ice cream.

Hadsten is close to Motorway E45 between Aarhus N and Randers. Junction 44 : Hadsten
Modelbane Europa, Østergade 9 (Hadsten Centret, town centre), 8370 Hadsten

Or why not go by train ? From Hadsten Station just cross the street, and you have arrived.!

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